Advanced Installations specializes in "custom installations" of marine navigation and communication products. Additionally, we offer an impressive array of home entertainment products for your complete relaxation and enjoyment. System design, installation and appearance are of primary importance to Advanced Installations when considering the ease of use and functionality of the equipment.


Advanced Installations achieves perfection with all its installations by following ABYC standards. This provides "first rate" custom Installations that are clean, neat and professional. Customers appreciate our "On-Board" education and training, which is provided free of charge on all equipment sold and installed by Advanced Installations.


As an added support measure Advanced Installations extends the complimentary education and training for as long as the customer needs our help. In order to insure proper operation and safety of navigation systems Advanced Installations performs "sea-trial testing" on all component systems that require accurate calibration and fine-tuning. We setup navigation systems for whatever configuration the customer wants and we show them the step-by-step process so they can re-configure it at will. When it comes to design, installation and maintenance of new electronics for yachts, commercial vessels and all types of pleasure craft, you can't get any better product or service than what Advanced Installations provides.