Home Theater

Simply Put, Home Theater is a high quality audio and video entertainment environment that re-creates the movie experience in your own home. A home theater can be as simple or elaborate as you wish- from a specially designed and equipped "theater" to an ordinary den or living room.

Home Audio

Music is truly the finishing touch for your home. Come home, relax, and cue up some of your favorite music in one room, while your family listens to something different in other rooms. Today's integrated systems can provide you with simple, one touch operation with multiple Ipod's and other central music servers.


Lighting Control

Why Lighting controls? It's a question that only you can answer, and a reality that we can bring to life. Your dream home, after all, is more than a showcase of stunning architecture, spacious rooms and comfortable surroundings.


Life at this level should be simplified to the point where the mood you're in and the environment your home can create are a button press away. It should be enhanced in a way that time-consuming tasks, like switching on lights and fountains for the evening, happen as if by magic.


In other words, life should be more comfortable, more aesthetic, more entertaining, and safer than ordinary life. We can help you make your vision a reality, while allowing you to personalize it in ways you have never imagined


Temperature Control

With today’s skyrocketing heating and cooling costs, it makes sense to install a system that can be monitored and controlled remotely.


With our temperature control systems, you can tell the system to adjust according to the outside temperature. Think about it! It won’t turn on the heat until it reaches 50, or 40, or whatever you want. You will also be able to log into the system via the internet, and see what the thermostats are set on, and adjust them remotely.


Touch Screen, and Web Control

Dim the lights, close the drapes, change the temperature, turn on the TV, turn on the house music, these are just some of the things you can do at the touch of a button.

There are many different styles of touch controls available. Choose from in-wall, tabletop, under-cabinet or wireless. There are many different color varieties that will fit your style and décor.


Our systems can integrate seamlessly into existing systems. You can also enjoy the convenience of controlling pool and spa settings, motorized draperies and window treatments, drop-down screens and projector lifts, and a whole lot more. Most touch panels can even be used to monitor security cameras or as small TVs. All can be customized to reflect your tastes and needs.

Surveillance Systems

Today's world is a very complicated place. Make sure you take the steps to safeguard your home and your family. We can design systems that will let you preview all visitors on a screen. Use the lighting controls to give an "at home" impression. Have the security system contact police and fire when needed. Use the automation to alert you via e-mail when something is amiss.

View your home on cameras from anywhere in the world. Record those cameras in case of an issue, with digital backup to hard disc.

Advanced Installations also has solutions for monitoring offices, shopping centers, warehouse and industrial sites. Knowing that your centers have been plowed, that the dumpsters are emptied every time you pay them to be emptied, and that you're not being taken advantage of by illegal dumping.

These are some of the concerns that we have already addressed for our commercial clients. Give us a call and see what we can do for you today.



Whole Home Automation/Integration

Home Automation is the technology that allows all electronic devices in the home to seamlessly communicate with each other and the outside world. All aspects of the automated home- Lighting, entertainment, security, communications, will be tied to each other and to the internet. With a touch of a single button, you can communicate with any connected device in the home. Think of your lighting as you do of air conditioning you wouldn't want to have a window unit in each and every room when a central system can do the job better and more efficiently. The same is true with lighting - preset your needs and save time and energy costs.

Flat Screen TV Installation

Flat screen TV's are becoming more popular and less expensive everyday. We can install flat screen TV's almost anywhere with the proper preparation.


There is also no need to see any of the components attached to the TV. They can be nearby in a closet, or even in the basement. We can also provide a remote control that will operate the equipment thru the malls. Advanced Inc can provide you a professional installation on your equipment even if you purchase it at one of the major store chains Give us a call and get started.

Hidden Component Installation

Don't want to see anything in the room? Take your installation to the next level with a hidden component installation. We can make almost everything disappear. Take a look at our unique installation page by clicking the photo and get an idea of what obstacles we have already overcome.

Central Vacuum

A Central Vacuum System is one of America’s “most wanted” built-in appliances. Quiet, powerful and versatile, they offer convenience and value because they make cleaning every corner of your house unbelievably easy.


Simply insert the lightweight hose into a wall inlet. Powerful cleaning suction begins immediately. Remove the hose and the system shuts off. Best of all, there’s no cumbersome vacuum cleaner to lug from room to room or up and down stairs. And unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, a central vacuum system is a long-lasting built-in Convenience that actually adds value to your home.


Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is the main infrastructure of a complete home system. If you are building a home, it is important that future capabilities are taken into consideration. You will get the most value for your money during the pre-wiring phase of your home. Most builders will only pre-wire for the cable and telephone systems.


Here are some simple things to consider:

    • Will you want music around the house?

    • Will you have more than one computer?

    • Will you have TV via antennae, cable, satellite or all of these?

    • Will you want room-to-room control?

    • Is paging, door answering a consideration?

    • Do you want cameras in the home?


Lots of decisions have to be made. However, these decisions are typically not high on the priority list of a new home owner during the early stages of building a home. Thinking about the modern conveniences of home electronics is sometimes put off until it is too late or at the very least much more costly.


We can install wiring for all aspects of the home system, and it will be “home run” from the outlet location to a main termination panel in the basement where all wires will be neat and clearly labeled. This is important when installing systems at a later date.